About Us

For over 20 years our family run bakery has been providing high quality homemade cakes, sponges, slices, quiches and pies. 

What started from my wife producing cakes for our tea-room after Foot and Mouth, customer demand led us to produce cakes to sell in our shop attached to the tea-room. This quickly grew with local retailers asking for us to supply them, we now supply many independent retailers across Gloucestershire and within a 50 mile radius of the farm.

In 2009 we joined regional food group HEART of ENGLAND fine foods (HEFF) through their ‘Meet the Buyer’ programme we have worked with the local sourcing buyers of a number of multiple retailers one of which includes ASDA where we now supply several of their stores. This is great for our business as we can introduce a new customer base to the wonderful cakes we produce and open their eyes to the fabulous food and drink produced in Gloucestershire.

In 2009 we achieved 5 star status of HEFF’s Hygiene and Food Safety Standard, we were very proud to achieve this and since achieving this have moved on to be SALSA accredited, this mark opens up the doors to supplying larger opportunities and gives buyers and consumers peace of mind to know the food we produce is of quality and is safe.

We use local ingredients whenever possible, our eggs are all free-range and from a local farm. Some of the recipes we use have a local flavour, one speciality being our Gloucestershire Apple Cake.

This year has been particularly good to date, we were selected as a ‘Local Food Hero’ to supply Selfridges in Birmingham, our cakes were on sale as part of a promotion organised by HEFF for a 8 week promotion, the buyer was impressed by our range and quality of products and loved the story of how we turned our farm business around following foot and mouth, we were very fortunate to have our story featured on BBC Midlands Today linked to this promotion. We have also been selected to move forward with Tesco and currently supply a large number of the Co-Op stores.  These opportunities will not only help with our business growth but also will secure the employment of the staff that the bakery currently employs along with possible future job creation.